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Spice Cay Tapas Menu

Hav a Likkle bit adis an’ a Likkle bit a dat

(V) Suitable For Vegetarians (P) Plant Based  (E) Contains eggs (G) Contains Gluten  (MK) Contains Milk, (GF) Gluten Free
A Full List Of Allergens Ask Member Of Staff

Flyweh Wings – 6.99

Oozing with flavours. Made with our own signature marinade.

BBQ Chicken Bites – 5.95

Succulent, finga-lickn & more-ish

Jerk Wings – 6.99 

Seasoned to the bone, succulent and packed with flavour!

Boneless Jerk Chicken [GF] – 5.99 

Dis wi mek yu lik yu finga – made with our very own sauces & marinades.

Curried Goat – 6.95 

Juicy succulent tender goat meat cooked in a delicious
sauce oozing with flavas. Must try! [GF]

Ackee & Saltfish – 7.50 

Jamaica’s National Dish – A must Try!

Nana’s Braised Oxtail – 7.25

Marinade for over 12hrs, slow cooked for hours to a juicy
tender finish. Succulent to the bone!

Roadtrip Escovitched Fish (whole fish) – 7.99

Seasoned, dry fried and finished with a fresh tasty garnish
Recommended with Bammy or Festival Dumpling

Escovitched Fish Bites 6.50

Seasoned, dry fried and finished with a fresh tasty garnish Recommended with Bammy or Festival Dumpling

Brown Stew Fish (Bahamian flex) – 7.50

A whole fish the bone full of flava!

Salmon Bites (BBQ or Jerk) – 8.50
Marinade with our own house seasoning; with an Island twist to tickle your palate and wanting more
Prawn & Mango Curry – 7.75 

Cooked in a coconut run-dung sauce, punctuated with herbs and spices for a succulent finish

Propa Peppa Prawns – 7.45 

Prepped & cooked grandma’s way. Simply flavaful & tasty wid a likkle kick!

Saltfish Fritters – 4.25 

A popular marriage between my fish-cod & my dough!

Pretty Callaloo (similar to Spinach) [V, GF] – 6.99

Recommended with: Plantain Tostones or Festival

Jerk BBQ Cauliflower – 6.50 
Sweet Potato & Blackbean Curry – 6.75 
Chickpea Curry [V] – 6.75 

Crunchy Cabbage – 3.50 

A must try veggie/vegan option that’s popular amongst
Rastafarians for generations

Rastaman Ital Stew – 7.75 

Rice & Peas [V], [GF] – 3.65

Macaroni & Cheese – 4.99

Fried Dumpling – 3.00
Festival – 3.25

Fried Ripe Plantain [V], [GF] – 3.95

Plantain Tostones [V], [GF] – 3.75

Rainbow Slaw [V], [GF] – 3.50

Pina Colada Slaw – 3.75

Bammy – 3.25

We will rotate menus from different Islands as and when they are in season & subject to availability

JAMAICA – 13.50

Jamaica’s National Dish. A must try!

St. LUCIA – 12.50
Recommended with: Green Fig (Green Banana) (Weekends only)
BAHAMAS – 13.50

Bahamian Stew Fish

BARBADOS – 13.50
Macoroni Pie
TRINIDAD – 12.99
Doubles & Chickpea Curry

CUBA – 13.99
Ropa Vieja Peppered Steak

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